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What is Gestalt Therapy?

The word Gestalt means whole, an organized whole that is perceived to be more than a sum of parts. 

Take a laptop, for example. When you buy a laptop from the store it is assembled and ready to use the moment you decide to. If you buy each individual part of the laptop separately, the chips, screen, keyboard, etc, it is not ready to use. The individual items purchased to make up a laptop is not a laptop. Sure, all the parts are there, but before they are all put together properly, you can’t send an email or log into Facebook. 


The same concept is applied to Gestalt therapy.  Gestalt therapy works holistically with the present as opposed to dissecting the past and treating it separately. Here and now, you are a whole person. Capable of feeling, processing and making decisions. 


A typical Gestalt session will start with what’s going on today and look for solutions that can be applied immediately.  Past traumas or experiences that are affecting your daily life will be reenacted, as opposed to just discussed so that they can be experienced and processed in the present moment and in a safe space. 


You can learn more about Gestalt therapy in this youtube video:



In Gestalt sessions, you will have the opportunity to allow yourself to experience emotions and come to realizations that will move you forward into new beliefs, behaviours and actions. 


Reenactments and guided fantasy work are among the tools used to give you the space to process what is holding you back.  Healing through Gestalt therapy is best experienced over several consistent sessions.


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