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What is ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing uses meditation to access deep parts of consciousness. While meditating, the ThetaHealing practitioner guides you to find core beliefs that aren’t serving you and helps you replace them with new ones. ThetaHealing requires certain emotional vulnerability, as a result, instant healing is possible if you are ready for it. 


ThetaHealing is definitely for the spiritually open or curious and would be a suitable healing modality for those who consider themselves spiritual on some level.  During the process of a ThetaHealing session, the practitioner creates space and gives you the opportunity to establish a nourishing connection with helpful energies. 


Because of the meditative and connective nature of ThetaHealing, it is often easier to go to forgotten but difficult places in your past. Once the negative or harmful aspects of your consciousness are realized, replacement of positive beliefs and solutions are applied immediately with your consent. As a result, the benefits of ThetaHealing are profound within each individual session. 


For more information on ThetaHealing and to book your first session, contact me

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